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Assemby and integration facility (Workshop No.14)

  • Installation on printed circuit boards and soldering of radio components;

  • Assembly and adjustment of units, cabinets, boards and complexes;

  • Basic processes of radio electronic equipment assembly;

  • Production of cables and harnesses;

  • Automated wire cutting, stripping and marking with ''GastingKadera".


Machining facility (Workshop No.4)

  • Turning of parts on CNC machines;

  • Manufacturing of parts on machining centres;

  • Machining of parts on CNC Swiss-type screw machine with self-feeding option of 3m work pieces;

  • Manufacturing of springs on the BobbioBSE 200 spring-coiling automatic machine.

Frame pressing facility (Workshop No.6)

  • Cold stamping, drawing, upsetting of ferrous and non-ferrous parts on mechanical and toggle presses;

  • Automated processing of sheet materials on a laser complex and a sheet-bending CNC press;

  • Manufacturing of frames, cabinets, devices bodies;

  • resistance and spot welding;

  • semi-automatic welding in carbon dioxide environment;

  • FCAW-GS;

  • ·Argon-arc welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

  • Cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous sheet materials on guillotine shears;

  • Cutting of profile materials on band saw machines, straightening- cutting machines.


Tool-making facility (Workshop No.3)

  • Production of dies for cold forming: punching, punched, bending, drawing and combined, small and medium sizes;

  • Manufacturing of press-tools: stationary, block-package, multi-place - for moulding of nonferrous metals under pressure, moulding on melted models (exact moulding), moulding of plastic with cold-channel systems, for pressing of rubber and reactoplastics;

  • Manufacturing of metalworking tools: stamps, seals;

  • Cutting tools manufacturing: milling cutters, taps, reamers, countersinks;

  • Manufacture of auxiliary, control and measuring tools;

  • Manufacture of conductors, templates;

  • Manufacture of special, welding, control and measuring devices;

  • Manufacture of devices for mechanical processing of parts, mechanical assembly work, forming and assembly of radio elements, for painting, galvanic and other works;

  • Manufacture of non-standard equipment. 


Plastics and rubber processing

  • Manufacture of parts from rubber, press materials by pressing method;

  • Manufacture of parts from thermoplastics (polystyrene, ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.).

переработка пм и резин.jpg

Gavanising, painting and varnishing room (Room No.27)

  • Zinc coating of steel parts with colorless and iridescent chrome plating. Maximal dimensions of details: 1000х200х400 mm. Thickness of coating: from 3 to 24 microns.

  • Matte nickel plating on hangers of steel and copper alloy parts. Maximal dimensions of details: 600х200х400 mm. Coating thickness: from 3 to 15 microns.

  • Nickel boron (NiB) in a drum on copper alloy parts. Coating thickness: from 3 to 12 microns.

  • Tin-bismuth in a drum on details from copper alloys. Coating thickness: from 3 to 9 microns.

  • Chemical oxidation of aluminum. Maximal dimensions of details: 600x400x400 mm.

  • Anodic oxidation of aluminium. Maximal dimensions of parts: 600х400х400 mm.

  • Chemical oxidation of steel. Maximal dimensions of parts: 400х300х400 mm.

  • Chemical passivation of copper alloys. Maximal dimensions of parts: 100х100х200 mm.

  • Paint and varnish coating with all kinds of enamels on parts up to 2 meters long;

  • Cleaning and painting of large-size parts using a shot blasting chamber. Size of working space: 12000*5000*4000mm and painting and drying chamber with working space: 12000*5000*5000mm.


Testing department

Test site for small products.

Climatic tests (0.05 m³ - 3 m³ chamber):

·        Cold resistance - down to -60ºC;

·        Heat resistance - up to +100ºC;

·        Humidity resistance - from +25ºC up to +55ºC, humidity up to 98%;

Mechanical testing in 0.05 m³ - 3 m³ chamber;

Tests on vibration strength. Product weight up to 250 kg, overall dimensions of the product: width up to 0.6 m, length up to 0.9 m, height up to 1.5 m.

Crash safety tests. Product's weight: up to 250 kg, overall dimensions: width up to 0.7m, length up to 0.7m, height up to 1.5m. Acceleration up to 150g.

Salt fog tests. The volume of the chamber is 0.4 m³.

Dust-proof tests. The volume of the chamber is 1 m³.


Test site for large machines.

Climatic tests (720 m³ chamber, product dimensions: width up to 3.3m, length up to 16.5m, height up to 4.5m):

·        Cold resistance - up to -40ºC (frost, dew);

·        from -20ºC up to normal conditions;

·        heat resistance - up to +50ºC;

humidity resistance - from +25ºC up to +40ºC, humidity up to 98%.


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