Assault Barrier Vehicle RUBEZH
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Assault Barrier Vehicle RUBEZH

The vehicle ensures a zero protection index protection of special forces servicemen being affected by various hard and heavy objects by means of a specially equipped shield positioned straight forward (position of readiness). Equipped with a deployable ladder the vehicle allows obstacle crossing and rapid access into buses, wagons, buildings through windows up to 2d-3rdfloor during special operations.

Two special forces servicemen can take their position on the upper platform (2400х5000 mm), being protected and having long range mapping, and fire from regular small arms, use non-lethal and military special weapons (a carbine, a slide-action shotgun, a nonlethal pistol, a multi-grenade launcher), flash-bang, aerosol and gas grenades. The vehicle ensures autonomous working of special forces servicemen in various local conditions, at any time and in various weather conditions (rain, snow, hoarfrost, fog etc.).

Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a high-power loudspeaker communication system, a multizone autonomous fire protection system with a forced and automatic activation. Regular glass cover can be additionally protected by metal grids.

All-terrain vehicles (jeeps, pickups), having the required characteristics and allowing the mounting of special equipment, can be used as basic vehicles. The 5th generation four-wheel drive Ford Explorer (249 h.p.) is used for demonstration of the device.

The assault ladder and the barrier shield are not installed on the vehicle at the same time.

A deployable shield is a system which can be transformed into a barrier with small holes ensuring observability. Its design allows protecting the bottom with stretchable, adjustable shutters. The length of a barrier can be adjusted according to the width so that a few vehicles can entirely block the street or the required section of the area. Once in the transport position, the protective device does not protrude beyond the platform dimensions. The special purpose vehicle RUBEZH can be additionally equipped with sound pressure tools, illuminating devices, stroboscopes to affect people by repeatable flashes of bright light, as well as photo and video fixation devices.

The special purpose vehicle ensures the arrival of rapid deployment forces with special equipment to the emergency area in the shortest possible time and quick deployment of the assault ladder directly at the object of the assault. So, you save time and get such an important advantage as unexpectedness. The ladder is made from aluminum alloy with anti-ice ribs (the strips have anti-slip ribs), on which steps and hooks are fixed.

One special vehicle RUBEZH replaces 24 policing team members when maintaining public order.

Key performance parameters:
Barrier shield, width 6000 mm
Barrier shield, height 3000 mm
Upper platform, length 5000 mm
Upper platform, width 2400 mm
Deployed ladder, max. height 6 m
Time to deploy the barrier shield 30 sec
Time to deploy the ladder 15 sec
Installation/dismantling time 15 min
Weight of the device with the shield/ladder 600/450 kg
Maximum shield load 1000 kg
Height of obstacles overcome by the vehicle 200 mm
Vehicle crew 7 ppl
Simultaneous positioning on the ladder 3 ppl