Container-based modules

Container-based modules

А сontainer-based module is designed to place special equipment, devices and personnel outside or inside it.

The product is developed in accordance with the current technical documentation. Finished products are subject to acceptance; recurrent, official and other types of test. The design of a сontainer-based module allows making fastening of the equipment installed by the consumer, without infringement of hermetic sealing of the module.

All our сontainer-based modules are subject to thorough design analysis.  Quality of manufacture is controlled by Quality Control Department. We use the latest technologies and apply special software solutions. Our сontainer-based modules are made of materials which allow carrying out fast repair in field conditions with use of attached spare parts, tools and accessories.

The module has two units, separated by a partition. Unit No.1 is designed to place equipment. Unit No.2 is used as a resting place for personnel.

Accommodation unit No.2:
•    Sofa (2pcs) with a folding seat and a handbag for storing accessories
•    folding bed (2 pcs.).  In the folding position, the bed serves as the backrest of the sofa.
•    Shelve stand with pull-out chopping board and pull-out drawer.  
•    Wash sink with 20L electric water heater and waste bucket. 220V water heating controlled by an adjustable thermostat. The power consumption of the heater should not exceed 2 kW.
•    Hand grips and seat belts for personnel (4 ppl.)

Container-based modules can be used for the following special purposes:
•    movable medical complexes;
•    mobile maintenance facilities, repair and evacuation;
•    mobile logistics and technical support facilities;
•    mobile information systems.

Materials used for production of container-based modules:
•    external lining: galvanized steel sheet;
•    filler: polyurethane foam;
•    inner lining: plywood.

General specifications of a basic container-based module*:
Length, mm                                                           from 4000 up to 9000
Width, mm                                                           2438
Height, mm                                                           2170
Operating conditions (ambient temperature), ℃    from -40 up to +50
* Container-based modules are supplied in various modifications. The scope of internal equipment is defined according to the customer’s requirements.