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Our corporate business lines are the following:

·        special purpose products;

·        industrial products;

·        support, warranty and aftersales service;

·        climate trials.

Special purpose products: production, upgrading, maintenance, military and engineer equipment service support, engineering development processes. Special purpose products include: radio relay stations, communication node – mobile, mobile automated craft control posts, mobile tactical operational air defense command posts, mobile anti-aircraft missile troop command posts, automation systems for mobile radar company control posts.

Industrial products: components for engineering industry of the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Poland; development and production of new serial types and modifications of electronic and electrical products.

Support, warranty and aftersales service: warranty and aftersales service of finished and delivered mechanical and special purpose vehicles both on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and beyond.

Climate trials: tests of special and engineer equipment, which involves checking by high and low temperatures.