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a part of the Belarusian State Military Industrial Committee.


We enhance national defense capability and living standards.


We keep with 7 basic values.


  •  Advanced development. We are striving for leadership on the national market. We are interested in growing our share on foreign markets. We analyze the trends and steel ourselves for the future today. Hence we advance steadily. We keep ahead our key competitors in technologies and acquirements. As Lean Production followers, we work today smarter than yesterday.

  •  Efficiency. We always search for the best solutions to challenges. We are aimed at maximum effective use of every resource. We constantly improve our key business processes.

  • Respect. We respect our customers, partners and suppliers. We always ready to listen attentively to each other despite our position and location. We respect the history and traditions of the industry. Previous achievements inspire us for future successes.

  • Safety. Safety of employees, products, production processes and materials is our highest priority. Our technologies and production processes are safe for people and environment. Speaking about safety, there are no trivial matters; we know the safety rules and fully comply with them.

  •  Transparency. We are open to collaboration. Our pricing is transparent. We are always working on how to increase the value of our products. We are trusted and recommended by others. Our customers and partners always get relevant information.    

  • Team. We are the team. The goals of our company are our common goals. Working as a team, we generate unique results. Together we implement the most mind-blowing projects. Our success is the success of our company.

  • Responsibility. We each suffer the personal consequences of our work results and quality of work life to the State, industry, colleagues and customers. We subject ourselves to the highest performance requirements. We don’t evaluate the trouble, but the outcome, which creates value for the customer.


We work on development and empowerment of:

·        a new production building on the chosen location;

·        professional personnel and skills upgrading pursuant to production and management needs;

·        lean production and ERP;

·        new concept of anti-terroristic technologies and international brand;

·        transformers, striving for leadership on the national market;

·        Show Room for the enterprises of the defense economic sector and Education Center for own needs and needs of the industry;

·        YRC Engineering Center for prototyping and marketing project development;

·        military technological park AGAT PARK;

·        consulting of AGAT PARK residents and enterprises of the defense economic sector.