About our company

Agat – Electromechanical Plant, OJSC is a part of State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus and of the Open Joint-Stock Company “Agat – Control Systems – Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding”.

Agat – Electromechanical Plant, OJSC specializes in manufacturing special equipment for Ministry of Defence Republic of Belarus. It includes mobile automatic control systems, mobile communications centres, radio relay stations and others.

We have accredited military representative offices of Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus and Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation.

Over a distance of 10 years our enterprise is an established supplier of equipment in the sphere of machine-building in Republic of Belarus covering such Belarusian factories as«MAZ», «MTZ», «BelAZ», «Gomselmash».

Also Agat – Electromechanical Plant, OJSC is a supplier for automobile assembly plants in Russia («KAMAZ», «PAZ», «AZ «URAL»), in Ukraine («AvtoKraZ»), in Hungary («HABI Kft»),and in Poland («Pronar»).


Functions of our plant include engineering and producing:
— compression moulds (for nonferrous casing, precise casting by the lost wax process, plastic moulding, rubber and thermosetting material comprising);
— machining attachments (collet, hard stamps);
— cutting tools (mills, taps, reamers, drills);
— control measuring tools;
— jigging fixtures, control templates;
— special, welding, control measuring devices;
— test and monitoring equipments;
— tools for mechanical components conversion, machine-assembling and dyeing works, forming and assembling radio elements, and so on;
— custom equipment.

We use only brand new high technologies and guarantee quality and credibility of our products.

Our Tasks for today are: to maintain competitive capacity of our enterprise in domestic and foreign markets, to improve social and economical background of our employees, and to improve working conditions. Full Product Catalogue, technical specifications and affectivity.